UV-C + O3 disinfection lamp
- keep away from product after switch on, don’t wach UV tube directly
- UV light destroys the DNA of molecular structure of microbial cells, causing growth or regenerative cells death to achieve the effect of disinfection
- ozone could oxidize and decompose bacteria quickly, without residual and secondary pollution, will not cause harm to human body.
- micro USB 0.5m cable + 1200mA Li battery
- rated Power:2.5W
- rated Input:5V DC
- charing time: 2 hours
- opreation time: 3-4 times/charging
- life span: 8000 hours
- working area: 2 m2
- when it turns on, there is 30 sec delay
lamp switch off automatically after 30minutes, Sterilization finished.
1 290 Ft + VAT (1 638 Ft)
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